Hello, advise? Pls

Halo World ,

I have a situtation. I’ve been using Renoise since 2010 but got really into producing in 2015.

I love it because sequencing vertically is what seems to make sense for me.

Anyway, I got my Audient sound card… I created a template sO I can make tunes quick.

Problem, My Roland MX1, I’m clocking it with RENOISE . Why is it that sometimes, it doesn’t play nor scroll. Sometimes, it will scroll… I spent so much time figuring this out… I also have the VIrus MIDI(only or 3 tracks) but I don’t use TI software… WHy is it not scrolling? or playing?

Sometimes it does work but I can’t figure it out. Is it the Audient soundcard? should I take out the midi VIRUS ? But I never had this problem before… The MX1 is important because RENOISe will clock it so my Elektron a4, TR8 and in sync…

Maybe I’ll start with a black page and see if I press play it will scroll… It’s annoying.

and sometimes, i won’t scroll even when i have all my synths of and USB disconnected.

The only thing that I did that worked was, I put the MX1 as the slave to Renoise… When I play the MX1 renoise plays(sometimes) i

Ughhhh, you know what?/ Maybe I need to update my soundcard DRIVER …

Let’s do that… I must use RENOISE because it’s the best DAW for what I do.

Ok, it’s the Audient Sound card… If I disconnect it, Renoise will play…

I updated the Audient driver to the new one… I rebooted the computer and still the same.

BUT??? since I’m using the Roland MX1 to clock it from Logic prox, All I needed to was, press MIDI and change the tempo of the track while RENOISE is playing… Low and behold it works…

This is very strange.