Hello all. Had a short break from Renoise, back now with a new song :)

So, I had to sell my studio PC a while back so that I could have money. All I had for a while was an android tablet, with which I experimented with Caustic DAW for a while. It’s surprisingly good and full featured and I got a couple of songs out of it, but ultimately limited in terms of expression of musical ideas compared to the awesome phrase editor of Renoise. (“Silhouettes and marionettes” and “Sleeping Spaces” on my SC if you’re interested in those).

Anyway, after somewhat of a hiatus, I got myself a pretty decent laptop and after couple of weeks of pressing buttons I came up with this. I guess it’s finished, I might add a little outro, but I thought I’d release it for public consumption anyways. Here you go :slight_smile:


I liked this a lot! How did you process the vocals? Also, what is the bass that comes in around 1:45?

Vocals processed with Kerovee, a nice free autotuner(?) controllable via midi which I’d recommend to anybody who is a terrible vocalist raises hand. The bass is just a Serum patch I am still not happy with lol. Cheers for the feedback :slight_smile: I have to say, I prefer the track you just posted way more than this haha :smiley:

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Pretty cool and exceptional! Mixed in Renoise too?

Suspected it was auto tune and FM :). I have an enormous soft spot for Ogre of Skinny Puppy / OhGr, who does similar detuning of his vocals. Great vibe at any rate!

Thanks :slight_smile: yeah, mixed in Renoise. I used quite a lot of Fabfilter plugins to mix this one, including the limiter/maximizer, mainly because you get far more visual feedback. Unlike most of my older stuff, there’s not much clipping going on at any stage of the mix haha.


Excellent job you did there. Truly unique