Hello. Been Using Renoise. My Suggestions.

Bought my copy of Renoise. Former user of Buzz tracker but that program is
just getting too damn old (have to run in compatibility mode) and although it’s an awsome piece of software it’s also notoriously buggy and unstable. I messed around with Fruity Loops and that’s a fine program but I much prefer the tracker format. I was born and bred on trackers going back to OctaMED on the amiga (which renoise reminds me of.)

Here are my suggestions to make Renoise simpler to use;

Would it be possible to intergrate the VSTAutomateDevice directly into plugin loader so you can just open a VST instrument, click “record DSP sliders to envelope” then twiddle away? If you could automate directly from the VSTI interface that would be cool.

Finer automation envelopes. Something like a freehand graph. This is especially important for recording parameter changes on VSTs and effects. You want the tweaks on that cutoff knob to play back excatly as you did them.

Additional presets on the automation window such as sine waves, saws ect.

Intertia setting for VST parameters.

Delete ranged notes and effect data.

The ability to connect effects and instruments together in a more modular fashion, which could enable things like side chaining, parrallel and series connections. That was one of the strengths of Buzz tracker.

Non-essential fluff:
Does anyone remember Octamed v4? That program looked the bomb when it was playing. Each track had a colourful level meter over it as well as an oscilloscope. There were also level meters down the bottom 0f the screen. I don’t think any program to date looks as good when playing as those old amiga trackers did.

I always perfered OctaMed 4 and stuck with it when 5 came out. More becuase I liked the way it was button driven (as renoise is now) rather than a lod of messy drop-down-menus.

Heh I know. For when the devs have nothing better to do, if that would ever happen.

Actually, get the ocillilscopes from the top of the screen and put them in front of each track. Then put another tab down the bottom to display level/s for each track. Then put a level in front of each track and you’re kicking it oldschool style! :D Also make the font size of the note and characters bigger when they are under the line.

Oscilloscopes in front of the tracks… and how would we have to turn them off to save cpu resources?

Some sort of “Oscilloscopes ON/OFF” button I’d imagine. :)