Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone!
I assumed I should introduce myself before dropping some nonsense around this board.
I am a long time Amiga soldier and Melon Tracker user. If there was no Amiga magic and scene, I probably wouldn’t ever made a real album in my country.
Years passed, I switched to “real” studio for continuing production of drum and bass tracks, some hip hop track for artist here and my personal crap.

After a motherboard burnout on my desktop PC in march, I switched to crapy laptop which I used solely for Final Scratch 2 + Traktor. I didn’t made any tracks for couple of months and I am really edgy. :wacko:

A month ago that damn ol’ dirty bastard named Ilkke introduced me to Renoise, and threw me back into 1992. :) I was poking around it and found out that its enjoyable work environment. I was amazed that, in the back of my (tiny) brain, Melon tracker keyboard shortcuts are still imprinted. :D
After working with Cubase, Live!, Reason, Acid and others, I am exploring the advancement this tracker brought into play, when trackers are concerned…

Impressive is the lame word. In search of the better one, I’ll enjoy music making on my crappy laptop, while saving for the real machine.
Thanks for saving me from going nuts for not making music…

And yes, smell the power on 34 degrees C in Belgrade.

Let me be the first to welcome you!
I think you’ll find the community as ‘impressive’ as the program itself.

Welcome to Renoise, best forum on the net :D

Welcome on board! :)