Hello Everyone!

Hey peoples. I am Dan :D

After using the… “demo”… version of renoise for quite a while I decided I loved it and wanted to buy it, not only to support the product but because I wanted the ability to use the APC40 (tried it with ableton and hated ableton I used to make music on LSDJ so renoise seems to work best). I got duplex and tried to load up the controller into it but I don’t really understand what I am doing or how to use it.

I seem to be able to mute/solo tracks but it also plays as midi notes from the active instrument and I don’t get why. Plus I don’t want the buttons to just mute/unmute tracks. (I admit I don’t know WHAT I want them to do)

When I try to look up different ways to use, I find everyone has their own unique approach to it. I am not new to trackers or assigning midi controllers/automation etc, but the flexibility and potential for customizing seem overwhelming to say the least.

I guess I didn’t expect it to just up and work exactly how i want it to work when I plugged it in, but I can’t even seem to find a good starting point to goof around with. Am I doing something wrong? Many features have changed since the “demo” version I had before. Is it possible all my old tracks simply don’t work correctly with the tools like duplex? I figured out fairly quickly how to get dsp and levels etc working with the knobs. I guess I just can’t quite wrap my head around the grid idea (I guess I want it to work like LSDJ in live mode but I know thats a stretch that anyone’s even familiar with that). There’s also the chance I’m just being an idiot. Anyway glad to officially be a legal user of renoise! I hope this forum will be fun and not just jerks like most forums. (honestly most jerks use FL anyway I find :P)

In short. I want a basic template, that is better than the default one, but I want it to feel like a default one so I can eventually build my own from it. Any suggestions?

Thank you!

To make my question a little more clear. How do I get the grid to stop triggering midi notes? It seems that my computer keyboard no longer does it, which is what I want.

Hi, :)

Probably, you have set APC40 as a midi device in the Renoise’s Preferences panel, right??
If you use Duplex, you don’t need such midi setting in Renoise itself.
Simply you need to set the midi port settings in Duplex only.

Hey ReMatch,

yeah - like Satobox says, it’s probably the APC firing it’s MIDI messages on top of Duplex.

When someone makes a scripting tool for Renoise, it’s possible to obtain messages straight from the hardware.
And since the scripting is completely separate from the “native” Renoise, you can have both scripted and native
Renoise listening to, and acting on, the same message. This is probably what you have experienced.

As for what is possible and not possible in Renoise, yes I can imagine this could be a bit overwhelming!!
But, I just wrote an article: 10 Ways to Extend Renoise’s Internal Sequencer - perhaps worth checking out?
In there, there are several candidates for an LSDJ-alike workflow, although none of them are exact clones