Hello! First Renoise Tune. What Do You Think?


Here it is:

It’s “Valimer 2009” in the music player on the left side.

Everything but the guitars was made in Renoise. I recorded the Renoise tracks separately to my Roland VS1680 and then added the guitars there.

I made a lot of Amiga Protracker 2.x mods in the 90’s so it was not much trouble to learn Renoise (well, the basic operation anyway. :wink: I think Renoise is the best mod tracker I’ve used! :slight_smile: The ones I’ve used before is Amiga Noisetracker, Startrekker, Protracker (2.x, didn’t like 3), Digibooster 1.7 and Octamed Soundstudio for midi. Another midi program on the Amiga I’ve used is Bars&Pipes synced to the Roland VS1680.

I really like Renoise and will probably use it, mostly for drums.

Here is my homepage: http://listen.to/boray

See you!

No comments? I guess that’s the polite way of saying you didn’t like it? :wink:

not bad, the hi-hat kills it though. it’s too…monotonous.

It’s soulful, you must have mastered more than just the basics :slight_smile:

I like it better than the other ones I listened to…

Thanks! :)

I like it, i just wish the drums didnt sound so programmed.
The song is wicked though…would sound brilliant as a chiptune…
I’d love to do a remix of this if you’d let me?

I’m glad you liked it, but I have had bad experience with remixes before, so I rather not. Sorry…

ahhhh too late mannnnnn…i did it this morning…hope you like it anyways
Boray 8 Bit

I liked it :) And I would not call that a remix but rather a cover. You are welcome to post that anywhere as long as you don’t make any money on it and state that I’m the original composer. For example inside the mp3 if you have it available for download.

OK :guitar: