Hello! I made a free chiptune sample pack for you.

Hi! (I don’t know if this is the right forum for this, if not please feel free to adjust and I apologize.)

I am a chiptune musician. I regularly perform in the Philadelphia/NYC region and help organize and assist with Philadelphia’s monthly chiptune showcase, 8static. I’ve always loved trackers but I’ve just started messing around with Renoise. I love it. It’s everything I wanted in a tracker so far and more-it’s a very inspirational tool. To introduce myself I made a royalty-free sample pack with about 100 samples recorded straight off of my prosounded gameboy. They were all designed using the software Nanoloop, however I am much more of a LSDJ user (much more of a traditional tracker compared to Nanoloop). I organized them all into neat little folders and also added a readme.txt with descriptions of how to use each, if needed. You are free to use the samples in any way you like, the only thing I’d ask is that if you like the pack please follow my facebook page or don’t hesitate to throw me a couple bucks for my album on bandcamp. Every dollar will go towards buying a full license of Renoise so I can keep making more tunes! ;)

Link: https://www.facebook.com/an0va/posts/440357589375663

Cool, thanks! :)
Of coz I liked your page on FB.

Downloading it now! thanks!

thanks man! Will thrash them around tonight