Hello World! (first post)

Hi everyone, I’m a new Renoise user, just wanted to pop in and say hello. I also have polyend Tracker, if anyone wants to talk about that as well hit me up. Using Renoise on linux with Vital and hopefully my Tone2 plugins if I can get them working. I’m looking forward to joining the community, maybe I’ll have something positive to contribute!


Hello! and Welcome to the community!!!

…renoise on linux rules XD

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Welcome friend.

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Sup duuuuuude

Hello peeps! Just wanted to say thanks for replying to my “Hello World”! I’ve been quiet on here I usually just search the forums for info, but I’m getting much more involved in tracking lately, I finally built a comfortable workstation being the main reason and now I have easy access to my synths… I’m having a lot of fun sampling my Roland Boutique synths into Renoise! I have others but I’m not using them that much right now I have to decide how I want to route everything and try to come up with a good solution running the boutiques alongside my mixer they’re all USB. It’s easy to just sample the boutiques and go and the sampling quality is amazing so yep just going with that for now :wink:

Now to get some actual tracking done and not just sampling lol but sampling is so fun, yep I’m such a nerd

I have some questions for people that use Roland Boutiques here but that’s another thread.

Nice programming on the forum interface BTW I really like how the post stays with you as you navigate… nice touch.

Have a good day :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome and congratulations to the wonderful and wacky world of Renoise. Tracker supreme not to be replicated or rivaled by any other… Tracker that is
. Lol

welcome among renoise users…
I’ve been using renoise for some time and I can’t get enough of it.
I’m on windows with arturia analog lab and dune 3 from synapse…
what do you think of the polyend?

have a good day

Hi, I’m really sorry for the very late reply, to be honest, the polyend tracker has some really great aspects, but I’ve only used it a couple times since getting renoise. I’m just not super pleased with the direction they decided to take the firmware. MIDI could still use some work, maybe I’m doing something wrong but it behaves polyphonicly even when I’m not using the chord commands and that’s an oversight, I’d love to use one of my analog monosynths along with the tracker but I’m not wasting two tracks on that when there’s only 8 to start with. The live mode I can understand why people would like that, but for me it only takes away from resources that could be used for the tracker. If it weren’t for that the we could probably have some extra MIDI only tracks. Too many design choices were made implementing gimmicky features and not enough tracking related features. That being said the development team does listen to suggestions, they actually implemented a couple of mine. They are very good about that, and I understand the gimmicks it is hard enough already getting people to give trackers a chance but it’s not like it didn’t sell well. I also think there was a missed opportunity in the instrument/sample access design, if they would have made instruments and samples independant it would have made for some really nice possibilities especially given the limited RAM, but since they did it the way they did, when I suggested they make instrument files a thing they made that a reality so that was really helpful. I’m hoping they improve the file system so we can perform file operations from within the tracker and not need to edit everything on the SD card from a computer. The sample editor could really use some love with more offline DSP and a sample generator of some sort would be nice even if it’s really basic like a 16 partial additive waveform generator or something, I have really fun idea where it could make a waveform based on math where each pad could have some bit of a math expression assigned to each pad and you just kind of randomly light em up from a few sections and it builds a waveform.
There are a lot of really great things about the box though if you can live with the limitations, like my favorite thing about it is also one of it’s shortcomings, the way that it does the wavetables; since it’s really just a sampler doing wavetable things, it makes for some creative freedom designing wavetables, and the wavetable window size can be as low as 16 samples so you can always lower the quality but make it really long, it allows for some wavetables that wouldn’t work in any other synth. Unless I’m misunderstanding how it works, I really can’t understand why anyone would want to sidechain the entire mix, I wish they would have made that assignable to a specific track. I think the filters sound good and I’ve made some sounds I really like using PadSynth samples. I don’t really use the random pattern features but other people seem to love them. I will say I really hate the fact that there’s no volume column. Using 1 of two fx command columns for volume, timing or note cutting is really annoying at times. So I guess in my opinion it doesn’t really do it for me as a stand alone tracker but as part of a larger setup I think it’s great. Like I just picked up a midi step sequencer from korg to go along with it so I can have the tracker go along with some of my other gear, I think it, the blofeld and the SE-02 would be best friends but I won’t find out for a minute until I solve some desk space issues I finally have too much crap I’m going to have to get some of those 3d printed things to stack up my roland boutiques and get some of those angled shelves for my desktop synths in the back. But once all that is finally set up I think it will feel much better.
So really there’s no clear and easy answer, but I would consider your needs and overall setup carefully before getting one, I bought mine on an impulse pre-release and if I had it to do again I would probably just buy a high end synth with usb audio to just use with Renoise. Don’t get me wrong I like the gear I have quite a bit, but I think a much simpler setup would suit me better, I could really do without the miles of tangled cables, mixer and so on. But it does have it’s upside, like if I want to have a buddy come over with a guitar I can just plug him in and we jam, I’ve even got a few pedals he could use lol.
I’m going to be on these forums much more now since I’m about to dive into scripting Renoise and I’m going to need all the help I can get, I have done very little programming in my life but I really want to make a sample generator, my goal is to make a replacement for orangator, that may be a bit too ambitious so I’ll start with trying to get a waveform sample generated and take it from there. Anyway I’ll be around a lot more so if you are still interested in it or anyone else, I’d be happy to check the way something works or try out some trick to see what the results would be or just whatever, because it is really a hard unit to get a feel for by just the info available.