Hello World

Hello everybody,

Thought I’d introduce myself… I am a musician/programmer based in SW England. Just registered Renoise today after tinkering around with the demo on and off for about 6 months now. The new features in 2.0 were just too tempting - Renoise feels like it has a more complete feature set to me now.

I’m new to tracking, but certainly not to computer/electronic music. Usual story - got totally bored and uninspired with Logic for composition… I think maybe I subliminally bought Renoise to stop myself wasting a lot of cash on hardware! Renoise makes my laptop feel like a piece of hardware anyway. I like the way it makes me listen rather than look at the music… And the timing is properly tight. Of course you all know this already…

As usual I’ve already got lots of ideas about features/workflow stuff I’d like to see. But I’ll leave that for another thread and later - got enough new stuff to learn about this progam as it is!

Much much respect to Taktik et al for their hard work on this - I don’t think I’ve ever felt happier about spending cash on software!



Welcome to the club! It’s always good to read these introductions to Renoise. Good times.

I personally think people should introduce themselves with a track rather than just a text. :)

yepp, welcome in the l0v3boat :)

Hmm… I don’t have any finished Renoise tracks yet! I could post a couple of the loops I made last night… In the meantime:

Bzode Myspace - 2 piece studio/live laptop thing I’m in (currently in hibernation)

Welcome Tom. Enjoy Renoise.

ah, yes! never thought about it this way. So true.

tight tracks you’ve got on your myspace. i seriously dig them. i’m interested to see the outcome of your ideas and creativity expressed through renoise.


Last night I was particularly enjoying just plugging in an sm57 - record, sample, mangle, resample etc etc. I couldn’t do this with the demo… It’s probably my favorite feature. So many genius logical implemented things… Copy and pasting waveforms into new instruments etc. Awesome!

Also the pitchbend pattern effects. I think my beats may now be heavily laden with bendy synths and deckstop effects for a while ;)

Welcome to the wonderful world of renoise ;)
It’s great to see someone coming from a non-tracker background to renoise (like me ^^)
I don’t feel alone anymore :D

I come from a non tracker background too…

It doesn’t matter where you’re from. It’s where you’re at, baby!

(or something)

Anyone have any experience of syncing rnoise up to hardware sequencers? I may try this tonight with my mate’s Emu PX 7.

Continue the research :yeah:

you can read the pre-renoise history of lot of us; some people never touched a tracker before Renoise.

ps: welcome Tom!