Hi all,

I just wanted to say a quick hello and a big thank you to the Renoise developers and community.

I have been playing around with various music applications for a number of years but Renoise was the one which ‘clicked’ with me.

After a month or so with the demo I bought it this morning and I am currently trying out the 2.6 beta.

As I travel a lot for my real job, most of my music will be done on a small netbook. The 2.6 beta with a couple of tools added on makes my workflow so much faster. The SampleSlicer and rubberband are great tools and the DSP auto maximise really helps when working on a small screen.

I prefer to not use VSTi’s and work with just samples to see how far Renoise can be pushed. Some of the work done by the forum members here (Bit_Arts, Kasmo etc.) with the built in routing and DSPs is really impressive.

I also hope to dig into the scripting side soon (I have a fairly technical background) and knock up some more Duplex templates for some devices I have.

Look forward to working with the software and getting involved with the community.


Welcome! :D

Me too! Samples use less CPU anyway.

VST’s also ruin classic :ph34r: ninja tracking. No pressure to do that, but it’s fun. ;)

but open to a whole new world of ninja VST tracking

Welcome!!! I use Renoise from 2 years ago, I try a LOT of DAWs too, and Renoise feels so good :dribble:
I like to keep the things “simple”, with native dsp, and work a lot with samples, but I work in a good workstation, and some VSTs are a superb complement : )

holy crap, you’re right.

Welcome. The more the merrier.

You have a technical background and your job involves travel, are these two points related?