Helm VST not found (Linux)


I’m having a bit a problem with getting Helm to work.

On my system (Ubuntustudio) Helm is located in /usr/lib/lxvst. I added the path variables in .bashrc with

export VST_PATH=/home/marco/.vst:/home/marco/.vst3:/usr/lib/lxvst:/usr/lib/vst:/usr/lib/vst3

and echo path gives me

echo $VST_PATH

Still Renoise does not find Helm. It was working in the past on Debian… Am I missing something?

edit: in Reaper Helm is found with the same path entry.

this path will be work only if you start renoise from commandline.
make it global put paths in to “.profile” file in /home/marco
Manjaro here. but i think it is work same on ubuntu.

Thanks, great! You are right! I have a .profile so I guess that’s the solution.
Maybe @taktik can mention this in the manual.

You can also copy/move plugin.so into .vst or make in .vst directory symlink to installed plugin like U-He does.
But this is easiest way i think.

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