Help: Best Way Of Doing Midi Export For Single Track In Renoise

Do you have any ideas how to make a .MID file out of single Renoise track that is MIDI? I believe there aren’t MIDI export capabilities in Renoise and I’ll have to find a workaround. I’ll need to do paper notes out of that MIDI file. I have several hardware MIDI ports and MIDI synth equipment available.

It’s pinned here:

Very well described method, thanks for this Beatslaughter
It is actualy pretty weird that Renoise can read midi files but not export them :blink:


I guess it’s just a matter of time until this will be possible. Some of us are developing a windows frontend and some php scripts (which are multiplatform), which can perform various task with the xml based Renoise files. You can check the current progress here:

In the following thread Marc Shake has found a nice php class for converting an intermediate xml format into midi. I’ve read in some other thread, that he is working on a conversion script allowing you to save a xrns as midi file. :)