help: closing oversized vst windows

sorry if this is a dumb question. I open a vst with a gui layout a little too large for my laptops screen. How do I close the Window to get back into renoises main screen. I can’t get to the X to make it disappear. windows 7 ctrl f4 isn’t working. thank you.

Yeah, usually you have to click on ext. editor button, it will close it.
If it is hidden, sometimes clicking on full screen button helps.
Otherwise shutdown plugin server / renoise what i know…

thanks. yeah after playing around so far I’ve figured out I can take renoise out of full screen mode and drag it over gradually until the ext. editor button is reachable between the huge ass plugin gui and the side of my laptop’s screen. oddly after I close and open the ext vst Window it then places it to where I can reach the X.
would be nice if renoise provides a key binding option for the vst ext. editor to toggle it open and close. if this gui was any bigger I’d be screwed. since alt f4 is for something else by default I can bind keys to Quit but not to close the vst Window. unless I’m missing something.

Not got any VSTs installed these days but does ticking the Enable Keyboard option make any difference? Normally Renoise passes the keyboard input past the plugin and to itself, so you can still actually play sound while having a VSTi open and in focus. If you enable keyboard maybe Alt+F4 or Esc will close it…

Just press “0” (zero). If your setup is default, that should work. Or maybe that’s only for dedicated numeric keypads, I’m not sure atm.

Yes, it has to be “keypad 0”. The other “0” is a D#… :)