[Help] Column Key Tracker?

Thanks in advance for any help.

My ultimate goal is to simulate an arpeggiator in NI Massive, which unfortunately doesn’t have a native one. By this, I mean I would like to press down a triad on my keyboard and have the pitch of the instrument cycle between those three notes, with only one sounding at any given time.

The automation tools in Massive get me pretty far. I can set up Massive so that if I play a single note on my keyboard, the synth constantly cycles between that root note and two higher notes, and I can use CC macros to adjust the pitch of those two higher notes. So, I could use Renoise’s Instr Automation device to get the chord I want, if only I were content with manually adjusting the sliders on that device every time I wanted a different chord. This is not good for realtime playing.

So, the remaining piece of the puzzle is to get Renoise to automatically adjust those pitches depending on any additional notes I play on my keyboard simultaneously with the root note.

Renoise’s Key Tracker would be sufficient for this, if only it could apply to a single column instead of the entire track, or otherwise somehow target a specific note in the chord I’m playing.

Is this something that could be done with the developer scripting tools?

Is there another approach that could get me the ability to play arpeggiated chords in Massive?



Wouldn’t it be simpler to use an actual arpeggiator?

I would use a MIDI arpeggiator plugin, and connect it to the NI Massive. Check what the docs have to say about “MIDI routing”: