Help! D:

Hey, I’m new here, and also new to Renoise and tracking in general.

Sorry if this question makes people /facepalm haha ^^;
I thought I found a topic explaining it, but it seemed backwards to what I wanted. here

I downloaded an Acoustic Piano from The Loop Project; I get a zip file called Piano.xrni and when I unzip it I get a sample folder and an xml file. How do I get this into Renoise as a working instrument?

Thanks in advance! :]

oh, you didn’t have to unzip it. the suffix “.xrni” means it’s the actual instrument even though it’s recognized as a .zip-file by your system.
so - just try to load the archive into renoise …

Thanks for the help!

But, how do I go about loading it into Renoise? I placed the zip file into my instruments folder, but it just sits there and isn’t picked up in Renoise. I tried changing the file properties to open with Renoise instead of winRAR but that didn’t seem to help either… ._.

Thanks again!

edit: I think the files still have the .zip extension on them, e.g., but I don’t know how to change it maybe this is what’s wrong? It seems the .xrni is just part of the file’s name.

Remove the .zip part and it will load fine. The full filename should be piano.xrni nothing less, nothing more.
The files on loop-project have the “.zip” extension so that your browser will offer you the file as a download instead of directly trying to show you the contents inside the browser.
Else they would not have any extra extension at all.

Again thanks for your help! But the problem is that I don’t know how to remove the .zip, it’s not part of the file name, it’s just that when I download it, it refers to it as (something), here’s a hopefully informative screen shot:

I guess what would be really great is if someone could download the file from loop project, load it into their Renoise, and then tell me step by step how they achieved this! Thanks once more for your help, it’s greatly appreciated ^^l

might be that windows has indentified it as a zip once and fopr all and won’t change it’s mind. (= have you tried loading it although it looks like a zip in the os?

sorry if i didn’t understand what you are asking about! i have used that xrni and had no problem… seem to remember that it took ages to save cuz there are lotsa flacs in it.

If you’re sure that the files have already been unzipped, and the problem is this weird filename issue you’ve described, then…

In Windows explorer, disable this option:

Tools > Folder Options > View > Advanced Settings > Files and Folders > Hide extensions for known file types

This one stupid default setting in Windows has managed to confuse several friends of mine. Yet another classic example of people like Microsoft trying to make our lives “easier”, but actually causing mayhem instead!


Thanks for the help maes & dblue.

dblue, your solution was perfect! Got them all working now no problem, and I’m glad the problem is something I wouldn’t have ever guessed on my own, because it was totally burning a hole in my brain not being able to figure it out haha!

Hoping to order a registered version of Renoise this week, and join in on the real fun (rendering selection to sample!) haha.

Actually I have a question about the registered version. Do you just get a ‘keycode’ sent through the mail? Because if so, I’ll order it to my home in the UK and get my parents to tell me the details. I don’t fancy shipping times to South Korea, but if you get anything tangible like a CD, I guess I’ll have to ^^;

When you buy the registered version it gets you access to the “backstage” area where you can download the registered version’s installer. No physical mail is involved.

No physical mail at all? Do you get the access to backstage (user name, password) sent via e-mail then?

Thanks for your help!
Sorry for the lame questions haha

that’s not lame. we all hurt, every minute you are without your Renoise :o

Yes, if you have registered the product, a login name and password are mailed to the address that you supply in the registration form. Either check your mailbox or when the server considered the mail as spam, also check the spam-folder if you can find it there.
If you don’t get anything within 3 days, contact our support department.