Help Editing this Monophonic Lead patch

ok so i kind of figured out how to make this Synth wave Fake Guitar Lead patch
i assigned [pitch bend to pitch and other mod wheel to vibrato
but the results are not entirely great if anyone could help out smoothing out this patch a little i would greatly appreciate it thanksSynthtar.xrni (18.8 KB)

Literally first url can get you started… Please do not expect babysitting (at least not from me)

Be rational - for guitar sound you need guitar sound… start there…
adjust envelopes to taste… bind/assign macros for mod wheel that you wish for…

  • or if you are well-experienced with synths (both hardware and software) you can get close with synthesis

Do you want a distorted lead guitar type of sound or a clean pluck?

How do you wish the mod wheel to affect the sound? Like a wah?

you may want to remove your comments if you like , as this post has changed into something else and your comments may look incoherent cheers bud .

That’s not how forums work.

i didnt think there was any fight starters in this forum but you guys get everywhere lol
i have changed the question and deleted my comments so his answers dont fit so im just saying

like a tremelo have a listen what i have done so far link at the top cheers bud


In the mean time I have made my own sound from the basis of the sound you had uploaded before. Have a look, I have added nice things, like palm mute and feedback macros. I used the stock renoise clean guitar instrument samples for it.

I have also made a binding for vibrato on the mod wheel. I think that is what you mean with “tremolo” (a tremolo is normally volume fluctuation, while vibrate affects pitch).

I have made it sound less synthetic though, more like a classical hard rock guitar sound.

hardguitar 1a.xrni (518.9 KB)

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thanks dude can i easily change it to taste cheers bud

thanks so much for your help