Help! Failed To Open Mme Device After Installing Soundtap

since i installed soundtap audiorecorder (to capture audio while liveplaying)renoise (also cubase &live) cannot initialize mme mididevice - i already deinstalled this bad software but i think it changed something inside the windows mme stuff - everything worked great till i installed that programm my last backup is half year ago so when i do recovery i will lose lot work… please help me i need this fast i cannot use any keyboard or midicontroller!!!

system: win7 x64 homepremium sp1 / renoise 2.7.2 / cakewalk a-300 / launchpad / allen & heath zed r16 (latest driver already reinstalled - didn`t help)

What you can try:
Use some freeware uninstaller.
Install the uninstaller first, then reinstall soundtap and let the uninstaller analyze what soundtap is doing, then use the uninstaller to remove soundtap.

thanks i will try…

didn`t work… after reinstalling windows it works fine again…

I guess a good tip here then is to avoid Soundtap as hell.