[Help] Focus another frames from the API

Is there any way to focus the frame of the lower DSP Chain panel of the track through the API?

I think it does not exist, but it would be great to have the possibility of focusing the desired frame (DSP chain, Automation Editor, Matrix …)

The problem I have, at least with DSP devices, is that Renoise does not show the last device added from the API, if the DSP chain framework is not selected.

This may cause the user to not perceive that he has added a device in the chain.

An example. If on a track you have nine devices in chain, when adding the tenth, it is so to the right of the screen that it is not shown. The DSP framework should be forced to always show the last device added in the chain.

If from the API we had access to control the focus of the frames, we could have control over this.

Does anyone know if there is any solution using the API?

Related documentation:


renoise.app():load_track_device_preset(filename) -> [boolean]

@taktik, Regardless of all this, I think Renoise should have more control over this. If a tool adds a device using load_track_device_preset (filename), the frame should always display the last device added on the screen, whether or not that frame is focused. The user must always see on the screen that a device has been added.