Help for korg NanoKontrol

Hi everybody, I’m here seeking for your help :)
I bought a few days ago an used korg nanokontrol (the first one) and I havn’t been able to make it work.
First time I plugged in it showed between the midi devices in renoise but I wasn’t able to map any parameter (I just want to use it to control DSP parameters). Ok, no problem, I think, let’s install the official Korg Midi Usb drivers.
After having iinstalled the drivers it doesn’t even appear in the midi device list anymore!
I tried to uninstall and reinstall the drivers, I tried to uninstall the drivers and use only the windows drivers, having read on some forums that would have resolved the situation, but nothing. :(
I checked with MIDI OX and in neither case it is recognized, I mean, it appears as a USB device but it is not inside the list of midi device in Renoise or MIDI OX.

Is there anyone who can help me?

I’m on a almost-brand-new notebook (bought last may) running windows 7 home premium 64 bit.

Hi, try this.

  • install Korg driver
  • unplug nanokontrol
  • restart computer
  • plug nanokontrol (after Windows started)
  • start renoise

I’m not sure it’s the same problem that i had with nanokontrol, but i remember , it was the issue for me.

good luck

Sadly it has not worked :(/>
Thank you very much!