Help From Kontakt 2 User Needed has released a really nice multilayered drum kit. Unfortunatly i don’t own Kontakt 2, but would like to have the samples as multilayered one shots. I could layer them myself, but they wouldn’t sound like in the demo mp3.

Is here someone willed to sample them for me as a big wave file, so that i can cut them myself?

Listening example

Download (Garage Vinyl Full Kit for Kontakt 2)


i dont quite understand what you want :unsure:

kontkat kits dont hide samples in theur own format, it just adds additional files for kontakt mapping etc… just download the kit and you can use the wavs in samples directory… or im i missing something? :unsure:

As far as i know, this drumkit was layered, multiple samples mixed at different levels build a one shot sample, i’ve also seen some vinyl noise, which might be used for layering. I could layer the files myself, but would like to have the kit like it was intended to sound. I want a simple wave file, where all the mapped samples are played with kontakt, so that i can cut them. :)

trackit is right: the NKI format (Kontakt) is basically a serie of plain WAV files and a description text map which layers them, so you can load the file and use the WAV files freely. Or both me and trackit are missing something here

ohh, i understood what he means… he suspects that samples are layered in that kit and he wants them the same way… i will chek if that is the case when i get home…

Exactly! :D

Edit: Here is the original KVR thread where she says, that this kit is multilayered.


ok, uploading it now… i made 2 tracks, one at full volume and other with lower volume. Some samples had more velocity layers than 2 but my file would be too big… i hope you can magage with these :)

Oh, great! :w00t:

ok, here you go!