Help: How To Do A Filter Sweep With Gs/xg Midi?

I’m trying to do an cutoff filter sweep with my Yamaha MU50 XG tone generator in Renoise for single MIDI channel but I’ve been unsuccessful. I’ve read the tone generators’ manual and according to its information I’ve set the following:

NRPN MSB (CC# 62H 96 bin) is set in value 01H (01 bin)
NRPN LSB (CC# 63H 97 bin) is set in value 20H (32 bin)

Aforementioned values match XG parameter “Filter Cutoff Frequency”.

Data entry MSB (CC# 06H 06 bin) is making an automated sweep thru 0H to 127H (-64 -> +63) bin.

The values should be OK but I don’t have any idea why it doesn’t work. Does anyone have any idea how to do get it work? I’d also fancy for a RNS file to show how it works for reference. I accept examples for both GS and XG tone generators.

I have a status-quo workfile with the filter not working at - maybe someone could tell what’s wrong with it.

are you doing this with the CC meta device?

im at woirk now so i couldnt look at the file, i will when i get home tho. :).

well you are using the midiCC device, hmm i dunno. doesnt make sense why it wouldnt be working the way you have it. only thing i can think of is that it has something to do with the nrpn stuff. i remember reading something about how using nrpn can damage things but since you refered to the manual it doubtfull that anything was damaged.
heh, goodluck man. hopefully someone else can help you.

I still haven’t got the effect working. I’d love if someone did some further inspection of the issue based on that file. Hell, I don’t even know if everything’s set up properly in that file!

I wonder why there isn’t any MIDI operating demo examples included with Renoise. It’s mostly understandable because of the differences in effect implementations between devices but I assume that an example for some basic General MIDI and even Yamaha XG or/and Roland GS functions would serve people. Software synthesizers for both platforms are or have been available at some point and could be used for operation reference.

Thus far it appears that MIDI operation isn’t the most supported thing among Renoise. Then again, it’s mainly supposed to be a tracker program and not a sequencer. However, since there are no known MIDI sequencers with tracker-style editing interface I’m pretty much stuck with Renoise.

I found out that with MU50 CC# 71 and 74 have direct control of resonance and cutoff. In theory now I can do the filter sweeps, however I’m still interested how to modify the NRPN controlled data in order to have more control over the module. For instance according to my Roland SC-155’s manual the aforementioned filters can only be controlled via NRPNs.

Another issue persists: if I try to assign constantly changing CC values, either in a sequence at the tracker view (like first row has 01 90 4A20 and the following row has 01 90 4A24 and so on; this controls cutoff frequency value for MIDI channel 1) or in automation, the actual values I can see in MU50’s display are jumping around randomly. For instance when I should get -64 -60 -56 -52 -48 -44 -40 -36 and so on I get something like -64 -56 -57 -52 -51 -39 -41 -35. Does anyone have any idea why?

I did further testing. When I load the .RNS with sweep and play it for the first time, filter sweep works fine but if I stop the song and start playing it again, those aforementioned random values are present. If I reload the .RNS and play it, everything is fine for the first time, once again falling apart from second time on.

Does anyone have any idea why such a behavior?

One cure I found is to do press the “panic” button just before starting the playback. Hmm… weird.

The issue with MIDI going mad without pressing “panic” button before playing doesn’t seem to be related with MIDI interface. I received a new USB MIDI interface (Edirol UM-2EX) whereas my old interface was SB X-Fi Platinum’s onboard interface.

The problem only exists after playing a part of a song where CC’s have been sent to the synthesizer.

Does anyone know what needs to be done so I don’t need to press “panic” button before playback? Is there going to be fix for this kind of behavior in which MIDI goes mad?

Should I try to create a thread to “bug report” section, assuming this is a bug?

In order to “visualize” this issue to you, I’ve uploaded the following files for reference: - This is how it is supposed to sound and how it sounds after pressing Panic button after stopping playback. - This kind of behavior can be expected. Here, the drums are out of sync. If a filter was applied, the filter would get random values. - The file.

In this case, the tone generator used (Roland SC-155) doesn’t support the CC#71&74 Resonance/Cutoff filter adjustments but the problems still persist when the 00 90’s (Renoise CC) are placed in the tracker. If I removed ALL the 00 90’s, the music plays perfect even if I didn’t press the Panic button.

This issue exists even with “Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth” selected as the MIDI device for each channel so I believe that Renoise is to blame…