Help: In Need Of A Condenser Mic For Voice

Hi, I have several projects where I’ll need to record good quality voice. It will mostly be for online streaming so I don’t need the high end equipment, I don’t have that kind of budget anyway. My budget is between 80 and 150 USD, at 150 I’d appreciate some accessories with it or something because I’ll probably buy a pop filter and maybe a small desk stand or something.

A friend of mine let me tried his samson C01 on my M-Audio Firewire Solo and it produced a weird high pitched noise. This is weird because the mic was perfectly good and my soundcard doesn’t produce such noise with other devices… I’m a bit scared that I could end up buying a mic that would do the same kind of noise with my soundcard… but that’s a risk that I will have to take… I’m almost considering buying a small mixer in the near future so at worse, I’ll need to go through the mixer to use the microphone.

I’m looking for a XLR mic, phantom powered or not.

I’ll avoid the Samson C01, C02 or C03 for the reason stated above.

I really need advices / personal experiences about affordable condenser mics, I will need to record spoken word in a quiet room.

So far I checked the Studio Project B1 and the Audio Technica AT2020, they seem good but I’d like to hear the advice of someone who knows more than me about this… I really don’t need a killer mic, just something I’ll be able to record good sounding spoken words that I can use high quality internet products…



  • no need pop filter
  • 9V self phatom power or 48V
  • good sound for vocals or instruments
  • 10 years waranty
  • 149USD

This is the best in this low price and you know RODE. I always use this in field or in studio. I get really warm sound. I use some StudioProject large diagram mics §500usd, but im impressed with the M3 sound! Don’t bother Samson, Behringer and USB mics.

If you want large diagram mic Buy Audio Technika AT2020 99USD or AKG Perception 120 -120USD.
About the pop filter, create a ring with wire and use women stocking. Exelent 5buks PopFilter.

Hope i can help you about this small info.

I bought a weird-ass Russian brand mic, an Oktava MK-319 for about £70 (GBP) brand new from digital village in the UK about 2 years ago, just because it was cheap but it’s actually fucking awesome - particularly for vocals.

Can’t seem to find them anywhere near that cheap online now but if you see one going within your budget range, grab it with both hands.

EDIT: Oops there it is:

About the M3, why exactly would I want a small one rather than a big one? Is it only a space thing? if so, I don’t mind a bigger mic if they are cheaper.

Also, you assumed that I know RODE, well, I know the name and that’s about it… Also it seems they have a good reputation.

I’m thinking of looking for a used one locally so that way I might try it first with my soundcard and laptop just in case.

Found an AKG perception 220 for 100$ CDN and some at2020 at around the same price.

The AKG seems like a good deal with shock mount and an extra cable.

Edit: I got that used AKG perception 220, I think it was a good deal it’s pretty much like new. I think it sounds good and it’s not like super peculiar for that kind of thing, it’s for internet material anyway.

JBL I personally love RODE mics as well, and have used a few of them in the field as well. The one I own for vocals is the K2, and it has a high quality hand selected tube in it as well. So you’re not only getting a clear picture with enhanced top end detail, you’re getting desirable harmonics from the tube as well. Pop guards are cheap, a $30 one does the job. I have my K2 house in the sE Relflexion filter to help control room noise. Changing the position of the mic in the filter means I can get a more dry sound, to a more open roomy sound.

The K2 comes with variable pattern control, which I think is genius. I currently have mine rolled half way between cardioid and bi-cardioid which works really well for my voice. Other people I’ve recorded with it need a different selection, so it’s good to roll around to find the sweet spot.

The AKGs are a good bet too. Drop us a line if you need help with it at all.

I know this is a terrible suggestion, but would you consider buying a used sm-58? Sounds good, should last forever, and after you use it some you will prolly want to keep it even after you get ‘better’ mics.

I bet the sm-58 could have done the job… but now I got the akg and I’m quite satisfied… if I ever buy a 2nd mic, it will be a shotgun for cinematographic purposes.

The sE reflexion filter is probably something I’d use but I’m not sure if I really need it… I can lower the ambient noises to an acceptable level giving me “clean” recordings in my studio/office/video editing station hybrid room.