Help: Loading an xrns in Windows Renoise which was created on OSX

Hello… I recently switched from Linux to OSX. I’ve been using OSX Renoise mostly, but I still have the need to run Windows Renoise from time-to-time (via Wine), as well as share project files with Windows users. I’ve come across a problem: Even if the plugins are cross platform compatible, sometimes I get errors when I load the xrns file on the Windows Renoise. I think I’ve got it nailed down to an issue with AU plugins. If I use Mac-vst plugins, then the project loads fine in Windows Renoise if there is a Windows-vst version of the plugin. However if I use AU plugins, then even if there is a Windows-vst version of the same plugin, Windows-Renoise spits out error messages saying the plugin can’t be found.

Any idea if there is a remedy to this?

Reason being: I have a certain song which has about 15 instances of an AU synth and I’d prefer not to have to export all the patches, load the vsti in Windows Renoise and then subsequently reload the patches. <— Though I will if I have to.

Lesson learned: Use the Mac-vst version of plugins if it exists.