Help make an ambient rain mixer

I’m fairly new to Renoise, but couldn’t resist making an ambient rain mixer. I listen to this nightly to help me sleep. So far it’s pretty basic, so I’d love to see what others would do to improve it!

One thing I love is the maYbe effect to control the frequency of thunder. Something else I’d like to do is have the wind and rain randomly shift in heaviness.


funny, I made something similar yesterday to get me in a relaxed working mode. I love doing this.190930_weather3.xrns (141.8 KB)


This is incredible! Thanks, I’m gonna have a great time studying what you’ve done.

You could use modulations. For example :
Put a stepper on each of your samples volume with different values. Each time the sound will be triggered the volume will have a new value. You could also try this on cut off , panning etc …


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Nice idea about this, it’s like a do-it-youself relaxing sounds app.
I didn’t know about this random command in Renoise.

Wow I learn a lot on Renoise viewing the forum! Surprising about modulations result with only a sinewave!

Or an LFO with random waveform, infinite LPC, and a manual reset command that goes along with each note (though this I would only use this for the oneshots, i.e. thunder)


Yup LFO is a better method, I mentionned stepper cause it’s more
“understandable” to begin with modulations. For this kind of project Pure Data would be perfect

Great suggestions, thank you kindly.

I’d find Pd too bare-bones for this. You gotta do so much of the groundwork yourself, e.g. create a mixer, create the looping mechanism for each sample, and so on and so forth… Something like creating a LP filter in Pd would be too much maths for me.