Help Me Find Some Good Music From Norway And The Netherlands

Ok I know the renoise forum (electronic music fans) is probably not the best place to ask about pop music but i just wanted to see if you all knew about any good pop music from Norway, the Netherlands, or any other european countries for that matter. ?? the reason i’m asking is because some of my favourite new artists have come out of these 2 countries… but i’m from america so i don’t really have access to radio/tv over there to find more good stuff

for example…
about 5 years ago I discovered “Twarres” from the NL. this is acoustic folk/pop stuff with very lush instrumentation and great vocal harmonies with some of the songs in their native fries language. i’m really sad that they broke up :(
also from netherlands, is Within Temptation. while i’m not usually into this kind of gothic rock type stuff, i think they write really good songs and she has a great voice.

from Norway,
Lene Marlin !!! what can i say! i love her music so much. it’s like each album gets better and better. such an amazing songwriter. this is probably my favourite artist that i’ve found in the past few years
m2m/marion raven/marit larsen – ok so sue me, i am into really cheese stuff too! but i think these two have great voices and songwriting talent as well.

also from germany i really like the band “Juli”, it’s hard rock kinda stuff

so… can anybody recommend to me some more artists like this? preferably in the acoustic/pop/rock type genre, but if you have anything at all to recommend i will check it out!


I actually met Twarres after a concert they gave and talked to them. I spoke more to the girl that played the violin and well the fact that see was good looking also caught most of my attention :) She also used a bannana as a shaker with some of the songs so I had a couple a questions about that too hihi

Here is a list of all the popular bands in the netherlands:

Marits Larsen’s latest album is so well produced… download ‘under the surface’ and ‘dont save me’.

Norwegian Pop Artists:

Morten Abel
Minor Majority
The Margarets
Number Seven Deli
Robert Post
William Hut
Sondre Lerche
Thomas Dybdahl
Karin Park
The National Bank
Kings Of Convenience
Poor Rich Ones
Ane Brun
Maria Mena

Rock’N Roll:
Heroes & Zeros
Kaizers Orchestra

Other Good Shit:
Jaga Jazzist
Ralph Myerz And The Jack Herren Band
Don Juan Dracula

Well thats all that came to mind right now. Enjoy :walkman:

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Edit: added some more bands ;)

Ok, here’s a few pop things from Norway

The Fool (very talented and good friend of mine): (producer)

Thomas Dybdahl (great singer/songwriter) and National Bank:

Christine Guldbrandsen (another one from Bergen, she is an amazing singer and has two very good songwriters behind her):

Kari Rueslåtten, Jaga Jazzist, Marthe Valle, Kurt Nilsen, Kings of Convenience. There’s a lot more, but these are some of my favorites.

kjenner du Thomas Irl eller? :)

Nei kjenner han ikke. Har såvidt pratet med han på tlf.

Du da?

Har spilt i band med gutten. Lovende RnB produsent, som kommer til å jobbe med de helt største artistene om ikke så altfor lenge.

Ah coolt. Hørte han var litt metal før i tiden. =) Han er i dyktigste laget ja. Kanskje best å henge seg på før han blir alt for stor. ;)


I sent a swag to the netherlands today to a guy who bought it off ebay. (I think Drenthe was the place it was going to…if that is a place). It cost $300 aud postage. that crazy dutchman!