Help Me Find This Music's Author & Title

I got this preview mp3 with a fantastic trance music. I would like to get the full music and know the author and title.

Thanks for any help.

The mp3 preview clip (rapidshare)

i dont understand how can i download the file from that site?? :unsure:

  • scroll down and click on the free button
  • wait a moment until the counter has finished
  • enter the now displayed code into the textfield and press the download button

you mean i have to wait 10 minutes?? :blink: and btw, i havent downloaded 77861 KB :unsure:

That site is pretty shitty, i’ve uploaded the file for you.…zExNDIxMTQ0ODAv

ok thanks…

unfortunately i dont know that song

Don’t know the song but it sounds like a remix according to the chords I hear from a Blank & Jones tune… Unfortunatly I couldn’t tell you what the original could be :unsure:

Found it! It’s Selu Vibra - Stargazing

A good duo. One of them, in his biography, mentions that he used Renoise before moving on to FL Studio and Reason.

They are published by the label Somatic Sense.