Help Me Get A Renoise License!

Hi. After some headwashing it’s best to stop it all at once. All monies will be refunded. In case of any issue you can contact me on my email I used when I contacted each donor.
I’ll need to improve on saving money. This was the first and last time I’ve ever asked for some funding.

Thank you guys for donating regardless these, as I’ve said, the money is refunded.

What in the Renoise demo version is limiting you?

Only limit is that you cant render tracks to samples, to save cpu and do some sound design with native dsp-s.

And lack of ASIO, which can be a huge restriction.

This is VERY true. I FINALLY got my homie to try Renoise (master of sound design and composition), ASIO not supported > no audio > nevermind.

No asio sucks if you record parts live, but if you’re sequencing it’s less of a big deal. Still seems kindof weird that one would be so picky if you’re really struggling this badly that you can’t afford a renoise license. I would just see what I could pull off within the limits of the demo or start with schism tracker or sunvox or psycle … or supercollider or pure data or lmms.

Don’t let me stop you from asking (or donating though), just a bit perplexed. Nice music though!

Hey dude,

I completly understand you. I am a student too, living of a student’s loan and having some spare cash only if I’m lucky enough to get a decent job. Sometimes I have to count every penny (in fact, every grosz) while another time I have quite a lot to spare… at this moment I can’t help you… but I just want to say, don’t feel ashamed or guilty for asking. There is nothing wrong in asking. Stealing is wrong.

Aside from this, I’m not sure if Renoise is that good for recording (I mean guitar). For sequencing it is perfect, but for audio recording Reaper is a better choice. Just my 3 cents. And the price is similiar.

Couldn’t donate only 3 euro, so… Enjoy.

removed post as it is no longer relevant

instead of begging, maybe you can take a look at MadTracker?

EDIT: scrap that, i was unter the impression that MadTracker is free

openMPT looks like a far better alternative than the dead MadTracker, plus it fits your financial situation, because it is free

as you can see the headline, I’ve stopped it. After the rage it caused and some second thoughts, it’s best not to ask for donations. Even though I’ve made it clear multiple times that I am in no need of REAL charity, it caused trouble I want to skip in the future.

EDIT: Whoa shit, I nearly forgot it in the hurry. Thank you very, very much for not flaming me at the first moment. I know I needed some lecture, but that did not come from some frustrated guy who’s going all-nuts just because of this. I’ll get that license a little later, and I want to be a part of this community.

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