Help Me Out Guys!

Hi all!

First let me say that if I’m writing this in this forum is because I’m planing to use Renoise.

But the thing is… I’ve been doing Tracking music for 15 years or more. I started in a Commodore Amiga 500 with a tracker I don’t remember the name and then worked with Fast Tracker 2 for a long time, then I had to move to Skale Tracker but Skale Tracker is no more. They decided to abbandon the project.

So… now I don’t know what to do.

Also there’s one thing I really need a tracker to do.

I export my music to Pro Tools and then work there the final mix and also add more keyboards or voice, whatever…

But Skale Tracker has one major problem… I export WAV but they do not start on the beginning… there’s a bit of silence in beguinning of the wav files and also the BPM’s do not match. It may sound ok on the beguinning but in the end of the music it’s all out of tempo.

What’s with Renoise? does it work well exporting the songs to Pro Tools or other software alike?

Help me out guys… I need to decide wich software I’ll lern and I’m too stubborn to abbandon trackers.

While there’s a tracker to make music I’m on it!

Thank you all

Yes, renoise has perfect export capabilities. It also lets you export all tracks in one go.

It also is very capable in all aspects of production so you can pretty much do the final mix inside renoise too.

Renoise also supports Rewire making it possible to connect it with some other DAW program to record vocals or do whatever you want.

Renoise can export full songs, separate multitracks, or songs chopped into patterns… all of which are perfectly timed and top quality.

great, sounds good, but looks very complicated… you have to admit that someone used to something so simple as fast and skale tracker… Renoise is monster! I have to dig in


you could try out Milkytracker, an open source almost perfect FT2 clone, but I can’t ensure that you will not have the same WAV troubles you experienced with Skale.

anyway, I recommend to explore Renoise more in deep: the Rewire feature will surely come into hand in your workflow

Well, all the FT2 stuff is where you might expect it to be. The rest of it, you learn as time goes by. :)

That’s something I really wanted to hear hehe thanks! :)

I’ve remastered alot of my old FT2 tracks right in Renoise. VSTs allow for quite alot of fun in that arena ;)

I guess I’ll try Renoise :)

ah but one thing you must have noticed (if by any chance you had forgotten) FT2 songs do not have stereo samples

Skale does and that was something I loved, obviously I know that Renoise has it too… it would be a stupid mistake


MDA stereo’s a great plugin… so’s Rescue. Ozone 4 has great Mid/Side processing as well.

Must note that Modplug tracker also has the same abilities.

Same abilities as renoise? Are you kidding me?

just wanted to let you know that I gave it a serious try and I’m loving it. I’m still stuck in a loop experimenting effects and stuff but next I’ll try expanding the loop to other patterns

but I see a lot of potential and yes… this gotta be the best tracker around

thanks I guess I just needed some motivation

Something nobody has mentioned:

Problems with BPM not perfectly matching when exported and loaded into Pro Tools is a common problem with Trackers and seems to be linked to the Speed/BPM thing. Renoise also suffered from this problem but since the change from purely tick/speed based this is no longer the case and exact BPMs have been the case since version 2 or 2.1 IIRC.

You have to register to get the Render options but as mentioned you can choose to render whole song, individual tracks or split completely up into patterns so perfect for exporting and loading in another system (Pro Tools) if you prefer that for your mixing and mastering.

Enjoy. I’ve never come across anything that approaches Renoise for stability, usefulness and friendliness of community, although development can seem a little slow, in large part due to the lack of promises made by developers and lack of a road-map, the Devs do truly listen to feedback and every update since I’ve registered has had plenty of nice surprises in there.

Read what he is asking about. Off course renoise is better, but modplug offer a very good exporting engine like renoise.

The development mostly seems slow because of the extensive QA and testing that is performed to assure stability.

Notice my first comment in that paragraph about Renoise’s stability. All updates are lovingly received I was just pointing out that it’s different from many softwares that give regular updates, but often introducing bugs with them and breaking things that were once working (Reaper for example, which has a new version up very regularly.) This is where Renoise differs and it’s a good thing. But although we always know the team are working their hardest on improving our favourite software we rarely get any promises of what to expect or when. Good thing is this means only the features that have been truly finished, tested and proven working well will make it to the public, bad thing is we often don’t know exactly what is going on.

There’s no way I would change the way it works though. Better to have nice surprises than to be promised something which can’t be delivered in the hoped time decently or to have a hash-up of a function because it was promised for a version and couldn’t be finished satisfactorily in time for release.

man that’s really important… BPM problems suck, in the album we are now ending we had to cut all samples from Skale to Pro Tools

I tried to buy it but probably because I used my old credit card I never got an e-mail of confirmation so I’m waiting for a reply of Renoise support.

But sure I’m buying it, it’s not that much after 19 years of joy with trackers to pay 65€ :D