Help Me To Continue This Song !

Hi Everyone I need your Help

I am currently stuck with my last song and i wonder what you guys would change, add or remove in it ! So i decided to complete with your suggestion and talent ! So here is the Current state of the song :

Here is the Xrns :

Here is the only Vst effects you need in this song (Witch is free) :

Sounds good, i like the low synth. Maybe do a kind of “lead duel” between the squarewave and another lead sound?

Says it needs 3 windowz vst’s :( can’t work on it unless i use the windows version which is A:\PAIN\IN\THE~1.ASS

Thank you delt ! Good to see a montreal user ! (Si tu as besoin de quoi que ce soit ecris moi)

But if you want to make your contribution maybe ignore those missing plugin and replace it by what you think would be great !

But Again that is if u want ! Thank you again !!!

Here’s my “mix” to try make it sound more solid and less muddy, as well as give some of the instruments some personality and breathing room. I didn’t mix it with the plugin, so there still might be some problems.

Compositionally, right now it seems like it’s building up to something, and it doesn’t sound solid on its own. It wants to resolve somewhere, but it can’t. Either create some bass movement with less copypaste, or give it an arrival point at somewhere. I would mix up the drums a bit to play with the melody line as well. The biggest thing though is that it needs to go somewhere!

Wow thank you for this fast mix and your suggestion ! i did listen to you mix and there is one thing i did not understood is why the bus compressor with those settings ? (sorry to be noob but it dosent seem to make a big difference !)

The bus compressor was actually a leftover that I was experimenting with to try to reduce the boomyness of the kick. Later I decided I didn’t want to mess with it and just put settings to try to keep the kick from booming up too much when hits happened close together. You can remove it if you want, it doesn’t matter that much.

Hi, I love your track, very very good for my taste.
here is my revision


added some filter, change tonality

thanks for sharing



here’s an idea: link

After the beatchange I’d probably change the key (transpose 1 semitone up always comes good, especially if everything before that was basically just one note) and main lead while keeping the rhythmic structure. But that’s just me.

woahhhhh thank you a lot guys this give me a good idea of what you guys could do if i would put you in a cage feeding you only if youd make renoise music. I thank you a lot for your time and effort as soon as i got less work and school i will work on a new version of the song with your suggestion and your awesomeness !