Help Me Understand Pitch Up / Down

Im struggling with renoise’s pitch up/down commands. In piggy tracker, i understand what they do ( on a thought level, before “composing” so i can “picture” my pattern in my head before i get to home to try it ) they were like XxYy, pitch up or down Xx semitones with speed Yy. With renoise, i cant grasp them.

Now that i’ve looked in a help song, 0gXX does the trick, only i dont get clearly?

  • 0Uxx - Slide pitch up by xx 1/16ths of a semitone (01 is 1/16th of a semitone, 08 is half a semitone, 10 is a whole semitone). - 0Dxx - Slide pitch down by xx 1/16ths of a semitone (01 is 1/16th of a semitone, 08 is half a semitone, 10 is a whole semitone)
    What can’t be grasped about that? the XX values are in Hex, hence 08 is a half semitone and 10 (is dec. 16) is a full semitone.

And the speed is per row.

So 0U01 will slide 1/16th of a semitone up during one row. So it would take 16 rows to pitch it up by a semitone.

To get pitch up by a semitone with 4 rows, you must use 0U04 on four rows.

So you can use simple formula: (number of semitones)/(number of rows)*16

So, 3 semitones during 8 rows is:

3 / 8 * 16 = 6

Which means you need to put 0U06 on 8 lines.

by the way 0Gxy is similar but has to be used together with a reference note; once the reference note is reached, the 0Gxy command stops having impact on the sound

D-4 0G40  

after half a row, C-4 has been glided to D-4 (C-4 is two semitones away from D-4, but 0G40 tells to glide 4 semitones in a row), so the new note is already reached and 0G40 stops working.

Ooooohhhhh! That’s it :D

it’s not as hard as you think it is, i thought it was hard too well at least with the 0GXX commands. youll find that just trying out 0g40 0g40 0g60 and just playing around after a while itll come natural. just imagine you are playing slide guitar with no fret marks, just try certain positions and after a while you know what works but like i said you’ll probably find youll use 40 and 80 maybe an A0 here and there, just wing it and youll naturaly tune your glide skills. I do the same for 0vxx commands. i dont play much with pitch up and down glide does what i need.

Is there a way to pitch down or up the entire track at once?
like on the master track or something…

You can apply pitch effects to track groups, I don’t know about master track at the moment.

check out this tool:

yes, pitch commands (and other commands too), can be applied to master track and group tracks.

I have done all the time in my latest two works (XRNS available):

One Theta

Printer music