New Song By It-Alien: "onde Theta (Theta Waves)"

Hi all,

a new song of mine has just been released.

I don’t know exactly under which genre this song could be filed, anyway it mixes space rock, psychedelic, ambient and dance music together.

I have released the song in both MP3 and XRNS formats:

MP3 (11008 KB)

XRNS (3407 KB)

watch out for your ears at the end of the song ;)

PS: also available on Soundcloud:

Crazy Journey! Loving all the spacey fx, the song itself is a bit tough to swallow. Needs a few more listens ;) And thanks for the xrns, got to check it out.

you really should, as you will be probably be surprised by the last pattern… ;)

Great glitchy section there in the middle, had a unique tension I liked. Lovely verb on the drums in the second half. Datacore meltdown.

Damn, that’s gotta be my favorite pattern ever. It’s both musically and technically brilliant - Bravo!

Btw: the energy in this song reminds me of a experimental (and very rough!) song I made last year, you can give it a listen here.

thanks for the comment danoise!

for some reason I can’t play your song at the moment: instead of the audio wave, Soundcloud shows the tipical 404 error for a picture

I managed to listen to the song now and found many intriguing moments and, as you said, of energy.

More weirdness will hopefully be released soon by me :)

This is probably the best renoise song I’ve ever heard.

I’m back here after months and I find this. The most fortunate return!

I loved it, it’s like saying a sentence in many diffent languages, without loosing the meaning at all. A true masterful composition and production - as always.