Help Needed Ive Been An Idiot...

hi everyone,

ive been working on a song for SD comp and since most entries are renoise i thought that some people here can help me.

ive been an idiot and made the song it the beta version and now i realise im not going to be able to use it is there anything i can do short of starting again?



haha ok thanks anyway ive got twelve days left… this one only took two is anyone else entering?

I’m thinking about submitting a song (for the first time to the world, heh?!) but I don’t like SDCOMPO’s rule that whoever submits a song has to vote. I vote for only one person, and he’s watching us all…

its hardly the worst rule in the world! i like the challenge of making everything its made me learn a few things already…

You could always open two instances of Renoise and copy and paste each pattern manually from 2.0 to 1.91.

But yeah I plan on entering :)

are you finding it hard making everything? i had to make a song the other night where i just stole as many other songs as i could :) interested to hear what people will come up with

huuuuuuu??? :panic: songs made in beta won t be openable in next renoise version??? don t tell me that pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeee :’( :’( :’( :’(

I guess 2.0 beta stuff won’t open in 1.9 ;) That was the intention :)

ahhh uffff!! i was starting to stress little bit :D thanks mate