Help Please...i'm Missing Something Simple.....

Okay, I’ve made my first half decent sounding track in Renoise. But I have a problem. When I clone a pattern and I erase one of the previous track notes (example: I want a keyboard riff to stop in my new pattern), why does the note continue into the next pattern?
I had this problem in FL Studio before but I can’t seem to fix it this time.
I know it’s something silly, but I’m going crazy. Is it “off” I should be adding to the column. If so, where is the command/ shortcut?
Any help will be appreciated.

yes, the note-off is what you are needing. use CAPS LOCK key to add a note-off on a column

Thanks man. I knew it was under my nose. "D’oh!’

This reminds me :P

I didn’t know the capslock-off function till a year ago when Botb told me it when we where tracking.
I always used a note with no intrument, like I did in scream- impulse- and modplugtracker.

Good ol’ times

This should be tutorial #1.
Who’s with me.

If one would read the quickstart guide, it tells you on three spots that caps-lock adds a note-off in the pattern editor:

I have now deeplinked the word as well so that if one wonders what the hell is a note-off, the description can be found as well.

Maybe a little more advanced, but you can also turn on the volume envelope to shut off the note after a certain length of time. For transient sounds this is less work.