Help, Please :)

Hello guys,

this is not directly related to renoise, sorry for that - I would like to ask though, if you could perhaps help me with my diploma work,
I decided that I’ll be writing about virtual studio technology - but not only about steinberg plugins… I’m including renoise and trackers
in general to the work as well, as I think it’s a good opposition to standard multitrack softwares,

I would like to ask you, if you perhaps got some sources related to plugins mainly, that could be usefull, usually I can only find
marketing informations, and I’m not after that… if you at some time tried to write your own plugins, or know about some sources where
I could study and write about algorithms for example for filters, chorus etc could you link me ? or advice me ? anything else related
to the theme would be very appreciated too - documentation history tech stuff etc

thank you
and wish you productive and inspiring days


The eBooks at bores are pretty good. You’ll have to pay money for them though.

Example PDF page:

Thank you Conner, I don’t mind buying ebooks - or books, was just looking for tips ! if you know some good titles that would be helpfull indeed

thanks for the links

Perhaps this will be useful:

There’s a book on a software package called puredata (MAX/MSP’s open source cousin), which is probably a good primer on the maths underlying DSP. I’m not a coder, but I plan to get through this slowly during the summer to learn a bit more about DSP in general. You can get a free copy of Miller Puckette’s “The Theory and Technique of Electronic Music” in PDF from