Help: Recording With Sampleeditor

Hi. I’ve noticed the SampleEditor contains rulers… Is it possible to set up the numbers on the rulers so that they correspond to pattern line numbers? Say for example I record some guitar riffs while listening to 4 typical patterns of 64 lines. My first pattern jam was awful because I started playing late but on the second pattern I got it right. What I’d like to do is easily find where the second pattern started in the SampleEditor… but going to position 64…

Can somebody please tell me how to do this?

I could go and record in another program but since all my VST work is in Renoise, I would prefer to jam my solos in Renoise.


you can change the measure unit of the rulers by rightclicking them.

however, there is no pattern line numbers amongst the available choices.

the default measure unit for the top ruler is “beats”, with which you should be easily able to deduce the row number. for example, in a 64_rows-16_beats pattern, every unit in the ruler corresponds to 4 lines.

Or just use the Metronome as your background guidance.
(unless you are recording your audiocard’s internal output)

Thanks for that guys. I must have been getting tired. For some reason I couldn’t figure out that the numbers in the sample editor were beats. Does that mean that theywould automaticaly re-adjust if the BPM changes between patterns? If a pattern stretches across 16 units on the ruler and I’m synchronised with the pattern playing then I should be fine…

I had another look at the online wiki as well - would I be correct in assuming that if I check the ‘save each take in a separate instrument’ (or whatever it is called) that each pattern’s worth of sample would be put into a separate take or separate instrument sample slot? (i.e. would this split my recording into ‘patterns’ for me automatically without me having to manually splice each sample?

Sorry - at work at the moment so I can’t check myself :wink:

Thanks again guys - you’re always helpful.

Hi It-Alien… For some reason the beats on the SampleEditor are not matching the BPM for my song. I strummed my guitar on the 1st beat of each pattern and each strum doesn’t line up with 16, 32 etc. Do you have to modify a BPM setting for the SampleEditor itself somewhere?

Also, how does the “record takes to new instruments” work? I keep finding that it only creates one instrument when its checked. The samples for the instrument remain at 1 as well. I tried manually creating more instrument slots just incase that was the problem but they still don’t populate.


Everyone, I think there may be a bug with the SampleEditor. I set the ruler to “BPM” mode and the ruler still didn’t syncrhonise with my strums… I changed the BPM of my song from 80 then changed it back again and the ruler now synchronises. I hope this tip helps somebody else out there…