Help! Renoise rewired to Logic can't record external synths

I’m sorry if this has been asked and answered several times, I tried and read all that I could before coming to the forum for help. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m able to get the samples/sequenced parts of the song routed to Logic via bus channels but can’t seem to get the audio (externally triggered synths) into logic ‘through’ Renoise. The main reason I need to do it this way is because I used some of the effects in renoise to process the sound.

The bus channels don’t seem to work routing straight audio and I tried setting the track to a ‘send’ plugin, thinking this would route the sound ‘out’ but when I set the send channel to the bus channel in logic it still doesn’t come through.

Also, outside of wanting to record the synth with the Renoise effect, if I try setting up the external gear as audio out from my interface into logic (which is the only way I can get audio into the daw but it lacks the Renoise sound effects) the letancy/timing of the Renoise samples and the interface audio is WAY off?

hrm I haven’t tried this but I’m pretty sure the rewire protocol doesn’t let you access hardware inputs via the “slave” application.

so… I’m guessing you did everything in renoise, including using a hardware input, and now you want to record it to Logic via rewire?

If that’s the case, I’d suggest bypassing rewire and doing a real-time export of all tracks. Load the stems in Logic and do your thing.

If I’m mistaken, you’ll have to wait for someone smarter than me to come around :slight_smile:

As for the latency… I can’t say I’ve had any luck with external hardware in Renoise. It’s actually been pretty maddening. I just sample a sound into Renoise and get on with my life. Sorry I can’t help you on this one either…

Thanks Pat for the reply. Still pretty new to the whole recording thing… Is there a ‘hardware input’ in Renoise? I’m using Renoise to sequence 3 physical devices (Doepfer A-110, Moog Minitaur and an MS-20) and routing the audio via the Input plugin.

And what are stems? The individual tracks after rendering?? If that’s what you mean I tried that but Renoise only renders the sampled tracks and not the external gear.

Yeah the audio is coming in from your 3 physical devices via an audio interface of some sort, right? Either a firewire or USB interface. That’s what I mean by hardware input… and yeah, it’s made available to Renoise via the #Line Input device.

Yeah I probably should have just said tracks, everyone means a different thing by “stems” :slight_smile: You’re correct, the individual tracks after rendering. My guess is that you did an offline render - which allows the computer to compute everything quickly and create the audio files. But hardware can’t do that! It needs to actually play in real-time. So you need to tell Renoise to render in real-time so it can play the hardware instruments and record the input. See the render mode section of the manual for more info. Or just select the Realtime option under “Render Mode” in the “Render Song to Disk…” dialog :slight_smile:

If the hardware audio files don’t line up perfectly after rendering, don’t worry. You can adjust the start points in logic to make them line up.

That did it! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I really thought I’d been through everything but you were dead on, selecting the ‘realtime’ render mode processed all the tracks. Just dumped them into Logic and it’s perfect. :slight_smile:

Pat, I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out. Again, thank you.

WooHoo!! Newbie no more!! Well… for now. Ha, ha.