Help! Renoise Running Ultra-slow!

Hi forum!

I’m a registered user of Renoise since years and the program has been always running fine. But now I’ve discovered a weird thing. Renoise is running ultra-slow. I cannot understand. Even in a clean system, after formatting and installing Windows XP, when I try to run Renoise it gets very slow. I have not installed any new device in my PC.

But I discovered that disabling “Windows Audio” service, then Renoise runs fine through ASIO driver. It seems it is something wrong with DirectX support or so. What’s happening? Why everything was running fine some days ago and now Renoise runs so slow, even in a clean Windows system?

I’m using last Renoise version 1.5.2 over Windows XP SP2. My PC is: Athlon XP 1500+ CPU, Gigabyte GA-7ZX motherboard, SB Audigy soundcard and ATI Radeon 9250 videocard.

Thank you very much.