Help Setting Up Midi Gamepad

ive installed vmidijoy and midi yoke and plugged in a game controller.
i dont know how to assign the joysticks to control xy devices or any dsp effect parameters.
does anyone know how this could be done?

First, you need to enable midi yoke as a midi input for renoise, from renoise preferences, then you enable midiyoke as a midi output from vmidijoy. I havnt actually used vmidijoy so i dont know about setting the buttons to CC midi messages. but i know it works with “rejoice”, another gamepad to midi app. In rejoice you just hold down thebutton you want to use and press save. you can then change what midi messages the button sends to renoise, eg , the button could be a simple On/Off, or it could send incremental values everytime you press it.(so you could have one button for sending 1 up and one button for down 1.(like a volume control on a tv remote.). when you have a button sending a midi message to renoise, you will see a flashing green light everytime renoise receives a midi message.(at the top middle right of renoise). thats a good sign. then its just a case of selecting midimap in renoise, selecting what you want to sync your gamepad button to, and then pressing the button.

hope some of this helps. im a bit scatty so i might just confuse you.

Think that could helps!

thanks for your help. i tried rejoice but i couldnt get anything happening so ive been trying to use vmidijoy. i set its midi out to midi yoke 1. then set renoise midi in to midi yoke 1.
renoise recognizes the joysticks when i use the midi map button to assign them to filter cutoff and other dsp effects parameters.
on one of the joysticks on the gamepad i can use both axis. the other one only one axis. so X Y and Z are possible but not RZ. which is strange because i can see that in vmidijoy the meter moves for both Z and RZ. X Y and Z are assigned to midi channel 1 ,2 and 3 in vmidijoy…RZ is set to midi channel 4. maybe channel 4 is not good to use for some reason?
I cant get any of the buttons to control anything at the moment. renoise does register them as midi notes and i can use the interface in vmidijoy to make all gamepad buttons send any note from C-0 to B-9. but i cant get them to have any effect on parameters or note triggering. does anyone know how to set up the buttons so that they could: switch between the waveforms of the ring modulator or types of filter. or even trigger specific notes from an instrument when pressed? i can think of loads of ideas to use the buttons for a ‘live’ performance. any suggestions or ideas to get this to working?

ideally i would set up the buttons as the guy in this video has:

this guy really gets alot out of the gamepad by setting up one of the buttons to switch between banks of differnt functions mappings.
he has written a script for something called glovepie which he uses along with midiyoke. it seems to work in ableton in his demonstration but i couldnt get it to work with renoise. im not sure if it is possible to get that script to work with renoise or not.

sorry if im being retarded here, im new to midi.

Perhaps any of these will work.

im using vmidijoy. it seems like it works. i think im just not setting it up right.
when i use the midi map button in renoise click a parameter, then press a button on the gamepad, a number appears.
however, pressing the buttons wont produce any change in that parameter. any ideas?
also, does anyone know how to record the movements being made by the gamepad on filter cutoff? normally i would press right mouse button and move the mouse but the movements of the joysticks wont record into automatio or pattern data even if i hold down the right mouse button while moving them