Help Splitting Beats And Bass Into 2 Different Channels.


Ive been working just in Renoise at the moment without no hardware as im taking a summer break in the countryside,ive not got all my hardware with me,i usally just use renoise for synths and bass and hardware for beats and some synth noises.

What i want to do is split my bass’s to one channel then my beats to another channel instead of them both going to the main,could someone please explain how to do this as ive never tried doing this before in Renoise and ive been struggling to find out on my own. :wacko:


edit: um actually nothing. did not understand the post…

Sorry thought i made myself clear, i will now try and be more specific,

I want to be able to have 2 main channels,so ive got one main channel with all my drums hit’s,(kick,hats,snares,percussion etc),so that will be quite a few tracks, then another main channel for my bass’s and synths.

Its like how i have a groovebox setup,ie Quasimidi 309 Rave-O-Luction,you got your drum part then your synth part,then you got individual out’s for drums and synth, so i have drums and synth assigned to 2 different channels.

Hmmz,please anybody,i need to get this track FINISHED so i can get it pressed,44 views and no help,PLEASE!


Wow pretty easy to do,i allways get stuck on the easy stuff, ^_^ ,thanks you so much for helping out,really appreciate it, and sorry for being a bit demanding :rolleyes: :unsure: