Help Us Get Hypercontrol-Support For Renoise

M-Audio has released a series of MIDI-keyboards with a proprietary protocol called HyperControl ( Some of the biggest DAW:s (Cubase, Reason, Ableton Live, Logic and Pro Tools) already have support for HyperControl but unfortunately M-Audio has chosen to not release any public SDK so anyone can implement such support for their applications so it has to be done by M-Audio themselves and it seems they currently do not have any plans to do so for Renoise, but I found this thread http://forums.m-audi…-s-HyperControl where they seems to be willing to accept requests for other implementations. So, how about to post requests for a Renoise implementation? ;)

I’ve just posted a request myself but the forum is moderated so it will probably take a while before it will be showing up.

I also posted, also moderated…

I’m not sure I fully understand this Hypercontrol thing…couldn’t they just use OSC?

No ofcourse not, they wouldn’t be able to make any buck out of it that way (which is very dumb thinking ofcourse).