Help VSnares?

Not sure what this is about:

Lol @ photo someone posted of him posing in front of racks of modular synths and wearing a jewel-encrusted tiara.

Yeah, would’ve liked to see him be a bit more specific re: his financial trouble.

I mean, we’re all broke. We’ve all had to sell gear to make ends meet or pay rent. What is different? Urgent health issue? Death in the family? Taxes? No info.

Yeah, it seems a little odd…

I did see some guy do a kickstarter so people could fund him going to a music festival…?!

Considering that Aaron seems like a guy who likes to live on his own terms then it`s probably something serious if he has come to a point of asking for help…so if you like his music, support him, if not- move along.

I came here to post this exact same thread. Come on guys! I just bought a random album to support our most famous Renoise-user :slight_smile:

He deserves it. My payment was waaaay overdue anyway.