Help wanted: unreported missing VST (steam engine)


i loaded an old song, from before my reinstall to new win10.
when loading, renoise 3.1.1 dont just report what vst is missing, it asks me to point to steam.

i dont know which vst use the steam engine, and clearly its not installed.
instead of then just loading the song with missing plugins, it crashes.

i need to know what vst is missing, in order to get my song working… ?

i can share the renoise song if you need.
it just asks for steam engine, which i cannot provide as i dont know what vst has that, and then doesnt load the song, and goes unresponsive. yes, and version 3.3.1 not 1.1

I think STEAM Engine is for Spectrasonics software .Omnisphere and the Trilian Total Bass Module

yes, i had previously omnisphere, and it needs to be installed again. could be that.

but renoise should do as always, not ask me for vst, just report whats missing

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