Help With Crashing Lfo'D Plugin.

Hi everyone,
maybe somebody can help me with this really annoying error I keep running into.

I have a track in which I have 3 not very heavy plugins modulated by their own respective LFOs (renoise native lfos)
Normally they run fine and I have no problems. In this track however I have automated the plugins to be switched on and off.
When Renoise gets to the pattern with this automation, it plays fine for a few seconds before splashing the message that a plugin has crashed.

I have found out that is seems to help a bit if I automate to turn on and off the plugins and the lfos in the first pattern while they are not processing sound, but eventually they still crash.

Another weird thing is, when I open the song without playing, the lfos report destination >none. They work, but don’t display the correct values. Could this be related to the problem?

I hope somebody has an idea. I know it sounds like a really weird problem, but it’s keeping me from finishing my track and I’m looking at a deadline by now ;)

Thanks a lot!

Do you not think naming the VST(s) that is(are) giving you issues may not be an idea? Plus the parameters you are trying to modulate with them.

What about posting up the xrns file? Or if not post it up publicly then send it to the dev team via email so that they can look.

Does it then give the destination as you expect once playing? Sound like you might have Automation on the LFO Destination (Track/Effect/Parameter.)

This really seems to help! Thanks so much. I don’t understand why it should make such a big difference, but it seems to work :)

No, I don’t automate it. I checked and the destination remains wrong when I play, while the do actually work. But I obviously don’t care so much now that I can continue working on my track ;)

Thanks again.

Uhm… what kazakore means is that you should tell us the name of the VST plugin(s) that’re you’re using.

That’s why I initially wondered if he was being sarcastic but decided I don’t think he was. Seems he has it working now and from what I can gather he hadn’t previously actually assigned the LFO to affect anything. Still no way that should ever of caused crashes though, and assigning an LFO to the VST shouldn’t suddenly cure any problems it was experiencing, but if he can work on his track again I’m happy ;)

Oh, duh, no I wasn’t being sarcastic, just rather stupid. I read that you told me to RENAME the plugins which I though might be a plausible solution as there were multiples of everything going on.

So, that’s the origin of the confusion.

And after all, it seems it hasn’t really helped, unfortunately. It looks like it worked a bit better last time because I switched off a channel sending external midi, even though I’d have no idea in hell what that would have to do with it.

I can’t really tell you what plugin it was, because it is one I built myself and you will not be familiar with. I built it with synthmaker, and it is an effect. I usually never have any problems with it and I’ve been using it for 2 years or more. The lfos pointing to it were generic renoise native lfos.