Help with Microkorg arpeggiator config

Hey guys

I’m trying to find the optimum configuration for Renoise to run my microkorg arp via midi.

My set up is an okayish QX9650 system with 8gb ram, runs on SSDs, Win 10, with Renoise 3.1.1 installed. I have a Scarlett 4i4 audio interface connected via usb2. The korg is connected via midi, and line out goes back into the audio interface.

I’m essentially using the korg to generate arp samples, and they originate as midi signals from renoise to trigger sounds which come back into the audio interface.

There are loads of Renoise configuration options. Here’s a summary of what I’ve done via some snips:

1 & 2: Renoise preferences

3: Instrument settings

4: Track settings

270819_1 270819_2 270819_3 270819_4

I’ve noticed that if I’m not triggering the arp, fixing latency is fairly easy, whilst for the arp it’s a bit of a nightmare. I was wondering what other people have done to trigger hardware arps and feed the sound back into renoise?

Latency fixing seems possible from several angles

a) RNS CONFIG: MIDI clock master, offset

b) RNS CONFIG: Automatic PDC toggle

c) INSTRUMENT: Latency

d) Track: Delay

I’ve also noticed that even with a particular latency config using the above, the MIDI clock sent to the korg seems inconsistent, and I’ve seen this called jittering on other forums. I am unsure why such a basic operation is an issue, since I’m armed to the teeth with software and hardware. The MIDI clock should not be jumping about once triggered, unless I’m listening to the the soundtrack from Midwinter on the Amiga. :slight_smile:

Anyhoo, maybe I’m being thick here? If anyone has any pointers it sure would be awesome!!! Cheers! :dog2: