Help With Midi Out And Sysex

My code to receive the Sysex message is based in “MidiDumper” Class from Midi.lua Snippets, and i can see how the Sysex message is received thought the callback message.

Then i’m going to resend the same Sysex message(number array) using midi_device:send(message_table), but i get the error like midi CC message is not correctly formed.

As i can see the received message (from Nord Lead 3) doesn’t match with the standart Sysex Anatomy: F0 41 10 42 12 40007F 00 41 F7, so probably it’s the problem.

Any one one have experience with Sysex messages?

This is already 8 characters instead of 6. How did you formatted the message?
This is pure from the API snippet taken:
– sysex (MMC start)
midi_device:send {0xF0, 0x7F, 0x00, 0x06, 0x02, 0xF7}

Each value should not exceed 255, perhaps that is the problem.

vV, I’m busy making a Duplex device for a synth (Virus B ) which has multiple CC ‘pages’, so it seems the control has to be sent in a SYSEX message so that the page can be set. As far as I can tell, Renoise’s own MIDI-Control Device sends CCs which the Virus is interpreting as being in its first page, A, where the most commonly-used controls live (cutoff, resonance, etc).

Looking at the API (MIDIDevice.lua), it seems like Duplex will only send notes or CC values where CC number is 0-127; SYSEX is only referenced in a callback snippet which presumably refers only to handling of incoming SYSEX. I’d love you to tell me that I’m wrong and that there’s also a way of sending SYSEX by using the right value format in my XML!

If you confirm my suspicions, though, I’ll start campaigning for some clever Duplex dev chaps to implement this funtionality :)

EDIT: I’ve looked into it a bit more (and managed to create my own basic tool for sending SYSEX to the Virus), so I think my questions need to go more directly to Duplex devs (danoise? not sure who else). I’ll not knock this thread further off topic, but I’m still interested if you have any suggestions :)

Sending from the device to Renoise or from Renoise to the device?

Taktik can confirm this part the best though, but better Sysex support is already on the tasklist (Also from within Duplex).

From Renoise to the device :) I’ve actually made a lot of progress overnight - I’ve hacked an entire new sysex control type (alongside note, CC, pitchbend) into Duplex and it ALMOST works except for some weird Lua casting error :( :( :( The thing I’m doing works in the straight Renoise scripting engine, but not when sent as a MIDI message from Duplex and I’m trying to figure that out…

Anyway, thanks for the tip - I’ll check with Taktik. And it’s good to know proper support is on the to-do list :D

I’m sure Danoise can help out here… he know this part the best. Also if it works, it can be embedded into the general Duplex branch so everybody can enjoy this feature.

Woo, it works! I’d been building my message in the wrong way. Well, it seemed like the right way…but I did it a different right way and now it works, so I guess this way is the right way. Now I can control THE WORLD (or at least that small but significant part of it which is represented by the Access Virus B synth) from Duplex \o/

Will pass on my clumsy hacks to danoise :)

Can everybody enjoy this feature please? or am i just missing where this was embedded into the Duplex branch?

I’ve received some files (not from Syphus) that acted as a control-panel for a Blofeld hardware-synth, no modifications to Duplex were needed for that one.
But about Syphus’ contribution…I’m not sure if I received something from him. I’ll ask.