Help with Reaktor Sequencers

This is for any Renoise Reaktor users out there, this is not a Renoise bug.

I can use Reaktor synthesizers fine in Renoise, but sequencers I can’t use at all.

For example I am trying to use Akkord which is a factory ensemble bundled with Reaktor. When not editing, if I hit a key on my keyboard, I can hear the note at the proper pitch. When I play the song the note plays what I set and some sort of default pitch (c-4?) at the same time and completely ignores note offs. I also notice the note I try to play isn’t being sequenced and ends at the same part of the pattern while the sequence at c-4 continues.

I’ve avoided Reaktor all these years because of this. Any help is appreciated.

Dont avoid reaktor cause its really good. Anyway this sounds like the akkord sequencer is running when you hit play. Read the reaktor manual or at least for the akkord ensemble. Akkord have an internal sequencer that sends midi notes inside reaktor. You can remove the sequencer inside reaktor if you want to use it as a normal synth.

I think this has to do with a bug in the reaktor song position module .
Some reaktor ensembles ignore the first line ; other work perfect .( L3 for ex.)
There are numerous workarounds improving the song.pos.module …you can download the macro from the user library …

So you want Akkord to get notes from its own sequencer (“AKKROD SEQUENCER”) and from renoise sequencer? That might cause trouble.
Look at this movie: click
Here the Akkord sequencer gets replaced by another ‘sequencer’ (well a thing anyway, a thing that spews midi notes over time).
What you can do of course is take the akkord ensemble, take the sequencer out, and make sure the akkord instrument that’s left takes midi in from ‘plugin’ (in properties tab -> connect), this way you can simply program it from within renoise.

anyone know how to hook up the reaktor sequencers in renoise?

I have reaktor open as a plugin the sequencer is running. I want it to trigger a vst in renoise, but I cant get it working.

any ideas?

you can’t use midi sequencers inside renoise , doesn’t matter if they are build with reaktor or not …
Iow no internal midi routing

Hypercyclic and tonespace from mucoder are free and those two plug-in can rut midi inside renoise.
So open the hypercyclic:
1 change midi in from midi track to vst/auhost.
2 change midi out from built-in synth to out to midi yoke 1.
3 set your vst to receive midi from midi yoke 1.
This configuration works with any vst or renoise instrument.
I don’t have reaktor and i don’t know if you can hook up it.
But try it.

Been using for about 5 years…I never knew that! That`s really lame.

A little bit of hope then, I will give these a try - thanks

MIDI Yoke is of course, not inside Renoise…

You can use the Reaktor sequencer to control a Reaktor instrument in the same ensemble.

Thanks for all the input…I think the solution is to use it with this new Fruityloops pluging beta. You can have the Reaktor sequencers control anything inside it


Here’s what I did tonight. Run Reaktor in standalone mode, not vst. Route the midi to Renoise Midi-In. Set your track to listen on Renoise Midi-In. You can also send the clock from Renoise out to Reaktor to keep them in sync. Once you get this setup, it should be playing your plugin (or hardware for that matter). You can record the midi output from Reaktor sequencer into your pattern in Renoise when you are happy with the sequence.