Help With Recreating Synthesis!!

Hey guys. So im listning to this album over and over ( This One ) and in the track called ‘Wytaliba’ by an artist that goes by ‘Sun In Aquarius’ … I’m trying to find out how he does this sound in this track… The sound is almost a grainy wet glitchy sound (if you listen to the track you’ll know what im talking about). If anyone has any ideas please shoot them my way… such a bad ass sound.



Sorry, can’t help you, but I like the songs over there, so I just wanted to say thanks for the link. :walkman:

Yeah no doubt eh! GREAT tracks! Not a problem atall =D

yeah, sounds like hydrophone recordings of water running through some kind of granular effect.

offtopic: btw: mr. bill has some nice tutos on his site - highly inspirational

EDIT: sorry just listened to the said track. it reminds me of the artist tipper

i think most stuff could be done with what was already mentioned (grain fx and “liquid sound” material).
but you may want to check reaktor ensembles for complex layers, i recommend twistedtools

Thanks guys for all your support forsure!!

@ Jenoki, I’ll check out that VST as soon as I get home =) Cheers!