Help with setup for performing live with Renoise

I currently run renosie on a PC I have been looking into external Hardware things like MPC and analog 4 for live performance but i thought why not just buy a lap top, controler and another licence for renoise for the less money.

An example of One of my tracks

I like tangerine dream im interested in making similar music to the one i posted. Arpy synths and linndrum beats pads, poly, mono analog synths and sh-101 style synths etc

in terms of setup other than a computer keyboard how could i set up renoise to be able to Jam with it.

I gues im kind of after This sort of think but inRenoise

the main thing i am trying to get my head around is switching between tracks and enabling disableing FX i was thinking use the Sends set up various fx in each then assing the controler to each send so depending on wich track im in i get a generic cotnrol maped out in renoise if thats posible. eg Filter chrous delay reverb on send 01 track 01 selectred the midi controller wil ladjust to the map for send 01 effects and i can control the delay amount etc?

That video is cool. Your song too, very M83 like
I’ve thought about this same idea a bit… A midi controller that controls send amount for different tracks! Have you seen the keyfadr keyboard? (or the keypad, with drum pads) If you fix the renoise startup song you can map the midi controls to send devices, but I think you rather have 10 sends and just control current track, instead of just 2 sends to control for every track at all time…
You should just get a Analog Four and a Octatrack too. It’s just a few thou. Really though, if you see what you can do with the octatrack it’s insane, you instantly wanna go and save up for it.

ps, as long as you don’t change your name and who you are :P you’re not even obliged to buy a second license

I have come to the conclusion that renoise isn’t great for live jamming. My main quibbles are the way it deals with importing tracks/midi from hard disk to the current song (spoiler: it doesn’t) and it’s inability of having tracks of varying length. I have my hopes up that these features will be addressed in renoise 3.

My workflow goes like this. If I am jamming, I use the internal sequencer of my kit. If I stumble across something good I record the midi in to renoise and play with it from there to make a track. Using renoise to control the original hardware. This way I get the best of both!

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For selecting tracks btw I’ve made a tool so that the 0-127 information from midi control selects only from the existing tracks. It’s pretty easy to do. Not sure if it would work in a live situation. Actually, I don’t think Renoise every works in a live situation. (unless you wanna “DJ” or “Compose” music in the category ‘400BPM noise+garbage’, that has actually been done live with renoise)