Help with shortcuts and options needed + some channels bounced wrong!

(Drito) #1

Hey guys!

So, the last tracker I used was Protracker 3.11 on the Amiga wondermachine (ok, a bit of Madtracker back in 2004., but it sucked), I recently purchased Renoise and in couple of hours did my first song, but honestly, I’m superlost. It’s been 20 years since my last serious tracking and I’m missing some of the things I knew how to do in Protracker.

For instance, the mute instruction. Not the complete mute, but how you’d mute a guitar string. Can’t find that option anywhere in the documentation.

The thing that bothers me atm is that I can’t find the “spread notes” option. I started the song in a very low tempo, and now I’m stuck with 16th’s and i need to double that amount so I thought I’d just double the tempo and spread the notes across the pattern. Is there a possibility for that or maybe Renoise has a more elegant option?

A HUGE bug I just came across. Tried to export the files to separate channels so I can mix the track a bit in Cubase and maybe add a live bass since it lacks in that department and half the channels bounced WRONG. For instance, I have a channel with bells on delay, monotone. What bounced was a 2 tone polyphony that abruptly cuts…and that’s it. Not just that I didn’t get the effect out, but it was 2 tones all of a sudden…What’s going on? Literally none of the sounds with ANY instructions in the pattern or effects exported right. This is insane, to be honest.

In any case, thanks for the answers.

p.s. This is the tune I did to test out Renoise

(lhaastdaiz) #2

You can do what’s called expansion. In the Advanced Edit menu (top-right corner of the pattern editor), open Cut/Copy/Paste then Expand.

Can you upload the song file somewhere?

(Drito) #3

Sure. I just can’t find where/how to save it as a mod. Meaning the patterns and all the instruments/samples used. Can you help, please?

(Jesse Schilling) #4

Renoise uses its own files for Projects/Songs, as opposed to MOD. If you just do a simple File>Save the project will be saved as an XRNS file. The XRNS file can then be shared. If the project contains only Native effects and instruments, then it will open and behave identically for who ever you share it with.

(Drito) #5

Here it is.
I also have problems with instructions working differently everytime I hit playback, and VERY differently on export. Now, I spent my last 20 years in various studious doing studio work, and I’ve never seen anything like this before. I just don’t get it. Btw, there is one VSTi track, but just mute it or whatever.

And you’ll see that the project is a bit chaotic, but pardon me, it’s my first time… :smiley:


XM 1997. I’ve heard much worse…my own :slight_smile:

Can I also mention that you have the same instrument spread over multiple tracks with an fx effect chain applied to that instrument. Unfortunately (at the moment anyway) that won’t quite work as you expect in Renoise. So you have instrument 1 used in the ‘glavna tema’ track AND the ‘bells’ track playing. That will cause problems with exporting/rendering out (and I suppose playback. Although it sounds as though you are getting away with it…you aren’t.) A little rule I follow with Renoise is to keep one instrument in one track. (You can spread an instrument across multiple tracks, but, it hasn’t got to have an fx chain applied, nor be a VSTi.)
Note off’s can be placed into the pattern with either the CAPS LOCK key, or (I prefer) the ‘A’ key.

(lilith) #7

Ups… I always thought it’s possible to use instrument 1 on track a and b and even use instrument 1 on track a and b and instrument 2 on track a together with instrument 1.

(Drito) #8

My bad then. I thought Renoise is a bit more advanced. Coming from Cubase and such, I really wanted to get back to the pattern editor because I enjoyed it so much as a kid, and well…I noticed the problem with same samples canceling each other in different tracks, so I loaded the same sample to another bank, but this kinda threw me off right now. There is no way I can rearrange it and make it “exportable”. I guess now I have new knowledge for the upcoming songs.

How many VSTi’s can I use in one project?

And thanks a bunch, I was banging my head against the wall with this.

(Drito) #9

Nope, they cancel each other in a VERY weird way. As 4tey said, I got away with using the same instrument in the playback at the end, but I had to go back and edit come channels as the parts with the same sample in the different channels were cancelling each other. Weird, yup.

(lilith) #10

Maybe it’s just a phaseing issue?