Help with tables

ahh yes now i see,yeah its like adding/cloning a pattern

why is it that if you do this

b:insert (6)
then you get this

[1] => 1
[2] => 2
[3] => 3
[4] => 4
[5] => 6

cant you insert more than 5??

i havent read alot of documentation yet

so b:insert (whatever number) is the number of arguments that i supply so if i write b:insert (12) it will show 12 because thats what i choose/supplied

have i understood that part right??

Not got anything in front of me to see if it even does what I think but you create a empty table of arbitrary length.

Add a value of "World2 at slot 5 (making the table now 5 in size.)

Add a value of “Hello” to the table. I’m going to guess it goes into the first empty slot so will go in slot 1 rather than creating and filling a slot 6.

Then rprinting table hopefully gives:

  1. Hello
  2. World

Or is it

  1. World
  2. Hello


This line in you explanation implies it’s likely to be the latter:

EDIT: Obviously I’m only providing the output of last rprint command (and not sure if even using correct syntax as not had a chance to play yet.)

thanks for explaining this and for the “test-scripts” i learn more when i try stuff out,than if i only read about it :D